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David Duchovny promised ‘the cliffiest of all hangers’ for Gillian Anderson’s last ever showing as FBI agent Dana Scully on The X-Files.

The season finale that aired Wednesday on Fox truly lived up to his promise with a barrage of unexpected twists in the final moments.

The dramatic episode, which Anderson has long insisted is her last on the show that made her famous, concentrated on her agent Scully and partner Fox Mulder desperately chasing after their son William who was being hunted for his alien-born special powers.

Scully finally caught up with him in an abandoned waterfront factory, only for William to transform into an exact lookalike of Mulder, trying to trick her off the chase by telling her: ‘I’m asking you to let him go. We can’t protect him, no one can. He knows that you love him.’

It was only when the real Mulder – who had no idea that William was not actually his son – caught up with them that she realized what had happened, at which point William had managed to once more flee.


As they gave chase, he was confronted outside by his real father, Cigarette Smoking Man, who was also convinced William was actually agent Mulder.

‘You shoot your own firstborn son?’ William-as-Mulder asked him, somehow aware he was Mulder’s father, too.


‘Shot my second born son once,’ Cigarette Smoking Man told him, adding: ‘I need you to know Fox, when I gave you life I never fathomed a moment would come when I would need to end it.’

Still thinking it was Mulder, he then shot William in the middle of his forehead, leaving him to slowly fall back into the water, his body floating away.

The real Mulder then came out, shouted ‘Hey!’ and shot Cigarette Smoking Man several times, angrily pushing him back to join William in the water.


Scully came out seconds later, and quickly tried to reassure Mulder that William ‘wanted us to let him go,’ insisting: ‘He wasn’t meant to be.’

When Mulder insisted he ‘was our son,’ Scully told him: ‘No. William was an experiment, Mulder. He was an idea, born in a laboratory.’

When he insisted she was ‘his mother,’ she insisted: ‘No. I carried him. I bore him. But I was never a mother to him, I wasn’t.

?‘William wasn’t…. He wasn’t,’ she said sadly, with Mulder nodding and getting tearful as he seemed to accept he was not his son after all.

Finally, he pleaded: ‘For so long I believed… what am I now if I’m not a father?’

‘You are a father,’ Scully told him, gently taking his hand and guiding it to her presumably-pregnant belly.

‘That’s impossible!’ he insisted, with her sobbing: ‘I know … It’s more than impossible.’

With the surprise pregnancy, the camera slowly panned away with them hugging — before William was seen lifting his head out of the water, clearly alive and well.

Doubts about the show’s future also were raised when Assistant Director of the FBI Alvin Kersh ordered Scully and Mulder’s boss Walter Skinner: ‘I’m closing the X-Files. I want Mulder and Scully’s badges.’


The show started with William explaining his unusual background, saying he was raised as Jackson Van De Kamp but was named William by his birth mother, Dana Scully.

‘I’ve never really met her properly but I can feel her in these violent episodes in which I can feel us connected to the future in ways that I’m just beginning to understand,’ he said.

He admitted having visions of the future, calling it ‘a world of confusion and pain and loneliness that I can’t escape or prevent. But I want no part in the suffering it brings.’

A young Jackson was shown having flashbacks to how he discovered his special powers, using them to beat down school bullies and ultimately become ‘kind of a criminal’ as he used his powers to cause bad events including a car crash.

He said his bad behavior ended when a ‘man from the government’ came to see him, adding: ‘Every day there was this car in the street with these guys watching our house.’

Insisting he was ‘smart’ and ‘didn’t make mistakes,’ that ended with a ‘silly joke’ where he turned into an alien to terrify two girls.


‘My whole world came crashing down,’ he said, adding of the couple who adopted him: ‘My parents were killed by those men. And they’re hunting me now.’

Mulder was seen desperately chasing him, constantly missing him by seconds, from a store where he rigged the Lottery to win, a trucker he hitched a ride with, and even a girlfriend he begged to join him in a joint suicide.

‘You’ve seen what I can do — they want me for that,’ William told her. ‘They want to catch me and put me in a cage and keep me in a laboratory my entire life.’

Saying he could ‘die’ to end it, he begged her: ‘Come with me? I’m so sick of being alone….’

Mulder finally found him at a hotel, telling him as he peered through the window: ‘My name is Mulder. I’m your father.

‘I know it must seem strange to you, but I’ve been looking for you forever,’ the agent told him once inside.

But William insisted no one could help him, saying: ‘I’ve seen the future — I have visions, I know what happens. I don’t want to live in that world.’

When Mulder said he would stop it, William insisted: ‘You can’t — because you die too.’

‘I know you think you’re helping me, but you’re helping them — you’re just hoping them find me,’ William complained.

At the exact moment, the agents hunting him burst through the door, with William raising his hands in peace, but using his powers to make each one explode in turn in the goriest scenes of the episode.


Despite his orders to turn them in, Skinner helped Scully catch up with Mulder and William after insisting her son would listen only to her.

On the way, Skinner finally told Scully about the Cigarette Smoking Man and William, saying: ‘There’s something you need to know. Something you may not want to here. It’s about your son, and who his father is.’

At the abandoned warehouse, as Scully raced in, Skinner saw a black car and after walking toward it with his hands up drew his gun to fire at the last second.

Cigarette Smoking Man switched the car into drive and pressed down on the gas, killing Skinner who failed to shoot him in the process, and setting up the final showdown.

The X-Files first premiered on September 10, 1993 on Fox.


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I’ve added screencaptures of Gillian as Dana Scully in the first season of “The X-Files” enjoy!

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I’ve added screencaptures of Gillian’s amazing performance from the X-Files finale,enjoy viewing them!

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(SOURCE)As The X-Files wraps up its six-episode return, Mulder (David Duchovny) is MIA, and Scully (Gillian Anderson) is desperate for answers. Both characters will face unforeseen dangers, but luckily, they will get some help. Tad O’Malley (Joel McHale), last seen in Episode 1, returns to aid Scully, and Special Agent Monica Reyes (Annabeth Gish) also reemerges again since leaving?the FBI sometime after Mulder and Scully went on the run in 2002.

“She has some key information,” Gish shares. “And [in the finale] she sees Scully.”?For the actress, who joined the Fox series during its eighth season (before becoming a regular in Season 9), working with Anderson again “was so comfortable, so familiar. It was a lovely reunion.”

Much of what goes on in the finale is top secret, but newly introduced agents Miller (Robbie Amell) and Einstein (Lauren Ambrose) will be back, as well. “I showed a buddy of mine who is a huge fan of the show one thing, and he won’t let me live it down,” Amell admits. “The finale will absolutely blow people’s minds.”

We spoke with Carter directly to learn a little bit more about the dangers in the final hour, what CSM is up to, Doggett’s (Robert Patrick) status and more.

The finale is once again diving into the show’s mythology. What can you share about “My Struggle II”?
I can tell you it’s cutting edge science, genetics. There are two other writers credited on the story. They’re both doctors, they’re both big X-Files fans. One of them was my science advisor for many years on the show. The other works in public health in Toronto, Canada. They were both very helpful in helping me to track the science that becomes science fiction in Episode 6.

Where are?Mulder and Scully in the final hour?
Mulder and Scully are not together. In fact, Scully wants to find out where Mulder is. It becomes a race, not only to find Mulder, but to save Mulder.

The premiere was the only episode where the show addressed their romantic breakup. Since this episode is a bookend to the first hour, will you touch on their romantic relationship?
We touch upon the relationship in the finale, but [because] Mulder and Scully are not together, [there’s] really a sense of desperation for both characters. You’ll see how protective Mulder is of Scully in the final episode.

So far, the revival has utilized some nontraditional means of telling its stories—flashbacks,daydreams, hallucinations, etc. Is the finale told in a straightforward manner, or will another method be used to tell the entire story?
I can tell you it’s a roller coaster that is as exciting as any roller coaster ride you’ve been on withThe X-Files. Both characters’ lives are in danger, in interesting and brand new ways.

Last time we saw Tad, he had been discredited. How is he bouncing back from that?
You’re going to find Tad regaining his credibility, and on to what may be the biggest case of Scully’s life.

Reyes is also returning. What can you say about where she’s been since we last saw her?
She reenters the picture in a very interesting way. You’re going to find out that while Mulder and Scully have been away from the FBI, so has she, in a way that one might least expect.

She was close with Doggett when we last saw her. Robert Patrick had commitments toScorpion, so he couldn’t return, but is their relationship touched on at all?
Doggett is not mentioned in the episode. We couldn’t use Robert, so we didn’t want to hearken to a character [who was not there]…we wanted to be mindful of all viewers. Her story actually diverged from his, many years ago, so it wasn’t [needed].

Viewers got just the tiniest hint of Cigarette Smoking Man in “My Struggle I,”?but aside fromMulder’s recent drug trip, CSM hasn’t been seen since. How will we see him in “My Struggle II”?
The CSM has a very important role in the finale. You will see we go to some length to explain, in a very graphic way, how he survived that missile strike [in the 2002 finale].

His apparent death in the finale was extremely graphic—we saw his skin burn off his skull. Will this explanation top that?
It’s graphic in a totally different way.

There was a throwaway line in the premiere about the alien event that was supposed to occur in 2012. Is this something that gets resolved?
It is touched on more fully.?Actually, we say, somewhat specifically, what the significance of 2012 was.

When the series originally ended?in 2002, the final scene showed Mulder and Scully talking in a hotel room—much like they did in the show’s pilot. Are there?any similar callbacks, either to the 1993 pilot or the 2016 season premiere, in this finale?
It’s not exactly like the hotel room scene, but there is a callback to Mulder’s house—it’s no longer Mulder and Scully’s house. What we saw in the first episode, and what we see in the last episode is a very different thing.

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I’ve added stills of Gillian in the new X-Files series,enjoy viewing them!


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I’ve added screencaptures of the new preview of Gillian in the finale of the x-files entitled “My Struggle II” you can also view a video below:

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